Confidence Thru Fitness Program

Our “Confidence thru Fitness School Program” is intended specifically to promote and develop Confidence in elementary school children.  This program is designed to build Confidence through a comprehensive approach centered around 4 key strategies that have a direct impact on a child’s self-confidence through a fitness designed approach. We have designed our program to be creative, engaging, fun and easily adaptable to all ages and skill level.

Running For Your Life Performance Group has designed this in-school program specifically to address the concerns of teachers, parents and students when it comes to Fitness, Confidence, Nutrition and Physical Literacy.

Our Aim is to educate children and parents by providing a basic understanding of nutrition to promote healthy eating and make healthier choices for life.

By educating kids and parents with a comprehensive approach that touches on 4 key strategies we feel that kids and parents will have a better skill base from which to make better choices and practice positive health. The development of life skills through this program will be instrumental for kids to make informed decisions about their health and will have the greater potential for health and wellness throughout the rest of their lives.

Make a positive difference in a young athletes life!