We believe in enhancing the fitness and physical development of all to achieve a healthy lifestyle that promotes confidence and positive self-image by providing opportunities.

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To help those who want the impossible reach their truest of potential by providing Opportunities.

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At Running For Your Life Performance Group we’re on a mission to bring fitness, physical literacy development and high performance sports training to all and any Athlete.
Running For Your Life Performance Group is dedicated to enhancing and providing opportunities for all to participate in Fitness, Physical Development, Healthy Lifestyles, Positive Self Image and Confidence through Running-Based Programs. Our programs provide opportunities for young and old to remain involved in lifelong fitness and healthy lifestyles. Running is the foundation for many sports such as Football, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball etc. and Running For Your Life Performance Group helps athletes whether serious or casual to improve their performance and health through Running-Based programs.


Our programs are based on training youth new to playing sports or those already involved in sports to help them learn the skill set of running. It is our purpose to help build every athlete from the ground up in an effective way. Being a complete athlete whether it’s for professional or leisure purposes, each person deserves to learn the correct skills to enhance their performance. Learning and perfecting the correct running mechanics will empower every athlete to reach their true unique physical potential. By training an athlete to become more efficient at running will allow each athlete the opportunity to train harder and reach physical levels they have never reached before. We provide opportunities to all thru our various programs and our Super Meet Series that cater to Track and Field and Cross Country Runners across the province. It is our intent to raise the financial fund necessary to be able to continue to offer financial assistance that help train athletes for high performance. We also raise funds to cover the costs for programs to be able to provide those programs to all.



100% of donations made by donors will go towards helping athletes in their pursuit of being great

Our Programs

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance to athletes and families in need of assistance to participate in Track & Field and Cross Country Programs.

Super Meet Series

Track & Field Super Meet and Cross Country Super Meet

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